LITE THE NITE LED - (7B). Chase Under Body Kit




Chase Underbody 


Give the appearance of riding on a cloud. Our chase light strips have a superior light intensity. There is no match for these strips.  Strips come long enough to fully illuminate the entire underbody without dark shadows in between the high definition glow. These show stopper strips will dazzle crowds as they change to over 200 different eye-catching patterns.


Kit includes:


(2) 4ft high intensity chase light strips wiith 5ft cords (passenger side and front) 

(1) 4ft high intensity change light strip with 4ft cord (driver side)

(1) 2 into 1 Y connector

(3) 5 foot extension cords

(1) 8 to 1 Splitter Box

(1) Bluetooth Controler


*Power Pack (24B) is required if our chase system is not already installed on your vehicle.

  • Chase Power Pack

    Chase Power Pack

    Note: You may need to purchase The Lite The Nite LED Chase Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed.The Chase Power Pack includes on/off switch and 11 foot ground and power wiring harness with 30 Amp inline fuse.  The kit also comes with two distribution blocks.