LITE THE NITE LED - (4J1) Clear Miami Backend



Feel like the back of your bike is too bland and flat? We have the perfect kit for that! Watch as spectators are in awe when you drive by them with our Miami Back End!! This simple yet innovated add on is a proper step up the Rear Deluxe Kit (RDK) package. This kit comes with our bright light strips along with our hypnotic halo. This kit can change to any color you can think of along with having over 210 different modes! Connect it with your phone and change the lights with the beat of your own music! Try making your own colors with our custom color tab. Design the exact color you could want along with the many patterns we offer. Watch people become mesmerized every time they view your outstanding light show. 


Light kit includes:    


(4) 1-foot light strip with a 4-foot cord 

(1) hypnotic halo 

(2) 2 to 1 Y connector 

(2) 1-foot extension cord 

(1) 2-foot extension cord

(1) 8 to 1 splitter box 

(1) Bluetooth controller