Hertz ST35 Compression Tweeter

Hertz ST35 Compression Tweeter
Hertz ST35 Compression Tweeter



The Ultimate Compression Horn Driver with Threaded Mounting Ring

The ST 35 compression driver, like the ST 25 and the ST 35, employs a CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon) voice coil featuring an extra-light aluminum membrane with high thermal dissipation as well as an anodized aluminum body, for maximum damping and vibration rejection. It additionally features a 44 mm (1.7 in.) voice coil and a powerful ferrite magnet, creating maximum SPL in extreme installations.

Sold as a Pair

  • 1.4" Teeter with Aluminum dome cone

  • Power range:

    • 50 Watts RMS

    • 100 Watts Peak Power

  • Frequency response: 2,500-20,000 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 109 dB/SPL

  • High energy Neodymium magnet


The ST35s are larger than the ST25 drivers and are great for mounting in bags and lids. They will not fit in the factory gauge holes of '13 and down fairings like the ST25s do though. 

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