Hertz S8 DSP



$399.99 $499.00

The ultra-compact S8 DSP is the perfect solution for integrating any OEM source into your audio upgrade project for cars, motorcycles, and boats! S8 DSP is a distilled essence of technology at the service of the highest audio quality in a corrosion-free case cast in metal and composite materials.

S8 DSP processes the audio signal with 96 kHz / 24-bit resolution and has obtained the Hi-Res certification from the JAS (Japan Audio Society), an acknowledgment that certifies the extreme level of audio performance achieved.

The powerful 32-bit DSP manages 6 high/low-level analog input channelsone digital coaxial inputand 8 output channels, offering maximum freedom of configuration to the specialist. The SPDIF coaxial input is ideal for digital connection with a Hi-Res playera solution that allows for maximum listening quality. For each of the eight output channels we have a level control, the 15-pole parametric equalizer, time delays, and crossover filter available. The 7-band parametric equalizer of the input signal allows obtaining a flat response from OEM sources, which often have an exaggerated emphasis on the low frequency.

General Specifications
Nominal Power supply voltage / fuse: 7 ÷ 20 VDC / 1A
Pulse operating voltage: 5 ÷ 24 VDC
Idling current: 0.34 A
OFF current (ART= OFF): <80 uA
OFF current (ART= ON): <80 uA
Remote IN 6 ÷ 20 VDC (10 mA)
Remote OUT 4 ÷ 20 VDC (150 mA)
ART - Automatic Remote Turn on/off from BTL speaker outputs (selectable): 1.5 ÷ 7 VDC
Input Stage
Analog low level Inputs 6 ch. (Differential input) (Molex microfit to RCAs)
Analog high level Inputs 6 ch. (Differential input) (Molex microfit to tripped ends) + USS (Universal Speakers Simulator)
Digital inputs Yes (Coaxial SPDIF; up to 24bit 96KHz) (Molex microfit to RCA)
Input sensitivity (low level) 0.8V – 6V RMS
Input sensitivity (high level) 2.5V – 21V RMS
Analog inputs management Audio input routing matrix type
Analog inputs eq 7 bands paragraphic for each input channel
ART Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off with Speaker-In
Output Stage
Analog outputs (rca) 8 channels
Max output level (rms) @ 0.05% THD 4V
95dBAAnalog outputs management The DSP controls each output channel: gain, crossover, EQ, delay, polarity
Bandwidth 10Hz – 40KHz (+/-3db)
Signal to noise ratio (A weighted) 105dBA (Analog Input) 112dBA (Digital Input)
THD+N (@ 1Vrms out, @ 1Khz) <0.005%
Crosstalk (channel separation) @ 1KHz >95dBA
Digital Signal Processor
Sample rate 96KHz
Bit depth 24
Output equalizer 15 bands per channel w/ adjustable Q and Frequency
Equalizer resolution 1/10th dB per step +12dB / -12dB
Time alignment (distance) 0 ÷ 468.4 cm / 0 ÷ 184.4 inches
Time alignment (time) 0 ÷ 13.5ms
Time alignment (step) 0,08 ms; 2,8 cm / 1.1 inch
Time alignment (fine set) 0,02 ms; 0,7 cm / 0.27 inch
Crossovers AP/HP/LP/BP all channels
Crossover type Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel (All Channels)
Crossover slope From 6dB/oct. until 30dB/oct. (6dB step)
Crossover steps 120 steps 20Hz-20KHz
Mute function Each channel individually, or all channels.
Presets 4 presets
Presets selection 2 specific wires to control the 4 presets selection by extarnal switches.
Input selection by wire One specific wire to select the desired input between Analog or Digital.
Audio signal compressor on output stage Yes (enable/disable)
DSP chipset Analog Device: ADAU1451
DSP management by bt app (iOS/ Android) 1. CONFIGURATOR mode Mainly it’ll allow the DSP tuning. You can manage every DSP functon through your smartphone/ tablet/PC/MAC. 2. DRC mode The BT device becomes a remote control by using the dedicated app with a simple graphical user interface. Manage volume level, SUB level, select different setup files, upload a new setup file.
Setup file sharing via bt Upload a setup file via BT through the BT APP when in “Configurator” or “DRC” mode.
DSP management by pc / mac / ios / android