DS18 - PRO AUDIO - PRO-FR69NEO - 6x9" Full-Range Loudspeaker Neodymium 500 Watts 4-Ohm w/ Bullet & Grill

DS18 - PRO AUDIO -  PRO-FR69NEO - 6x9" Full-Range Loudspeaker Neodymium 500 Watts 4-Ohm w/ Bullet & Grill



DS18 PRO 6x9" Neodymium Full-Range 500 Watts 4-Ohm Loudspeaker w/ Bullet & Grill

Versatility is paramount in large and small audio systems alike. Many DS18 fans have been wanting a more powerful 6x9 so they can get clear and loud sound from their 6x9s. We have obliged the overwhelming requests by releasing our PRO-FR69NEO. This Neodymium driven midrange speaker will be the loudest 6x9 we have while also handling the most power. The great thing about NEO motor structures is that you get better performance, higher wattage handing, better efficiency, and much lighter in weight than a traditional speaker with a ferrite motor structure. This is a 4 ohm speaker that handles 250w RMS and 500e MAX power with a DB sensitivity rating of 98db. This neo also has a built in bullet resonator to help this screaming mids range all the way from 100hz to 9000hz with extreme clarity and loudness.

This Listing Includes:
(1) 6x9 Inch Loudspeaker
(1) 6x9 Inch Speaker Grill

-Neodymium motor structure that handles more power, lighter, and more efficient than ferrite motors.
-Silver bullet resonator that will bring the loudness and clarity of this speaker to the highest pinnacle.
-High RMS rating of 250w RMS and 500w MAX @4 ohms so you can have a very high powered 6x9 to blow away the competition.
-High decibel rating so it does not take max power to get the fullest sound.

Nominal Diameter: 6x9"
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
RMS Power Handling: 250w
MAX Power Handling: 500w
Sensitivity (1w/1m): 98dB
Frequency Response: 100Hz-9KHz
Recommended HI Pass Crossover: 120Hz
Voice Coil Diameter: 38.6mm/1.5"
Voice Coil Former Material: Kapton
Winding Material: CCAW
Cone Material: Paper
Bullet Material: Aluminum
Surround Material: Cloth
Basket Material: Aluminum
Magnet Material: Neodymium
Magnet Weight: 2.8Oz
Displacement Volume: 0.0524L

Overall Diameter: 9.44X6.57"
Overall Depth: 3.31"
Front Mount Baffle Cutout: 8.74X5.97"
Mounting Depth: 2.874"