DIRTY AIR - "El Grande" Front and Rear Complete Fast-Up Tank Kit 8-valve

DIRTY AIR -  "El Grande" Front and Rear Complete Fast-Up Tank Kit 8-valve




**Please note that if you're running a stock front end, you will need to add new fork caps to allow you to plumb air to your forks ($50)  . If you have aftermarket trees, you should have a drilled/tapped hole for an air fitting in your leg extensions, let us know what size that hole is (varies by manufacturer) so we can get you exactly what you need.  

This kit includes (2) DIRTY AIR 4-valve manifolds valve, which allows you to run a dedicated air line to each shock and fork.  Ideal for lay-frame bikes.

  Includes (2) DIRTY AIR 4-valve manifolds valve.   Includes DIRTY AIR standard steel rear shocks, with polyurethane bushings and push lock fittings installed for 5/32" tubing.  Upgrade to aluminum shocks for $400.  System normally ships within a few days after ordering.  We recommend calling first to discuss details and options.  System includes safety valve to prevent bike from lifting while unattended.

Steel shocks measure 9.25" collapsed, 13.25" extended (measured bolt-center to bolt-center)

Aluminum shocks measure 9.5" collapsed, 13.75" extended (measured bolt-center to bolt-center)


What's the difference between the steel and aluminum shocks?  Steel shocks have a pretty basic design inside and out.  This keeps the price low, and the shocks still ride well and are very reliable.  The aluminum shocks have a more advanced design inside and out - This allows for optimum reliability, as well as the most comfortable ride available and the best performance available.  They have a wider range of comfortable travel, so they're very easy to adjust and most people find that they can ride lower with these shocks.  If you are looking for the best air shocks available for your bike, these aluminum shocks are what you are looking for.


1 year warranty on all parts

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