DIRTY AIR - Black Friday Fast Up Rear Air Ride Package Deal

DIRTY AIR - Black Friday Fast Up Rear Air Ride Package Deal



DIRTY AIR Complete *FAST-UP* rear kit.  Redesigned for optimum performance, reliability and ease of install.


This *FAST-UP* system will lift the rear of the bike in about 1 second, instead of the 12-15 seconds that a tankless system takes to lift.

For all Harley touring models 2018-down.  This is a complete kit assembled to replace your stock touring shocks with height-adjustable air shocks.  This kit will allow you to lower your bike 2 to 3 inches with all of the air released, and air it up to stock ride height for a smooth ride in about 1 second.  Shocks are also capable of extending slightly beyond stock height, if you're looking for extra ground clearance for stretched bags and fenders.  Kit includes exclusive black DIRTY AIR 95C VIAIR compressor, new custom shocks with push-to-connect fittings for easy installation and great seal.  Custom built stainless steel tank to resist corrosion that include mounting brackets to mount on the fender strut/saddlebag/fender support between the rear fender and saddlebag.  On '08-Earlier models and '14-Later models, we mount the tank on the left side of the rear fender support.  On 2009-2013 models, we mount the tank to the right side saddlebag support.  System also includes compressor brackets to mount securely on the opposite side of the tank.  Call or email us with fitment questions, we try to offer a bolt-on solution for all components on all models, but sometimes there is just not enough room.  '14-Later Models with Boom Audio that includes stereo components inside the saddlebags will have fitment/clearance issues with saddlebag-mounted wire connectors, requiring re-routing of audio wires and connectors.   On some models, antenna relocation or antenna bracket modification may be necessary.  2009-2013 models with "classic" 4-hole tab welded to saddlebag support for saddlebag guards or fender filler panels will not fit without cutting the 4-hole tab off the saddlebag support.  Please check with us first if you have any questions about fitment.


System uses all nickel-plated brass high-flow high-pressure push-to-connect fittings throughout the entire system, and a manifold-style dump valve block for optimum performance.  This kit includes all of the components for a fully functional, fully height adjustable rear air suspension.   With these shocks, you can ride with zero air pressure without rubbing. That means if you hit a huge bump or if you ever lost air pressure for any reason you can still ride without rubbing your tire against your fender (on most '09-Later models, or '08-earlier models with stock rear tire, contact us for details).  No need to pay more for another system, and no need to have someone else install.  This system can be installed by anyone with basic tools and basic-to-moderate auto/motorcycle knowledge and experience, and includes easy to follow instructions and wiring/plumbing diagram, and we will help you with any technical questions you have.  In some cases, depending on location and bike model, some mild fabrication may be necessary to mount the air compressor or switch, but normally this system comes with everything you need for an easy installation.  Kit comes as pictured, but will vary from year-to-year.  Switch is a mini toggle switch that mounts in a 1/4" hole, and includes a protective waterproof boot.  Please note the optional handlebar grip switch will not fit 2015-up Road Glide models.  MRI electric center stand will not fit with bikes that have a cross-under exhaust pipe - that pipe will not allow the legs to fold up for riding.


Steel shocks measure 9.25" collapsed, 13.25" extended (measured bolt-center to bolt-center)



MRI Electric Center Stands fit Harley Davidson® Touring Bikes from 1990 to present. These stands bolt on in minutes and use a linear actuator to raise and lower the legs electronically. An air ride system must be used to lower the bike/stand to the ground. The two legs provide a very sturdy base, allowing the bike to sit upright while parked. Stands come powder coated black, but could be chromed or painted to match your bike’s color.

All MRI Electric Center Stands have been redesigned to make fitment for all customers a breeze. No more measuring is needed!  Please select your year and leg kit based on your bike's configuration.

Models of Fitment

  1. 2006 and Earlier
  2. 2007 and 2008 - Models with Legend Air Ride: The compressor unit will need to be moved from under the bike and relocated
  3. 2009 and Later - NOTE: Does NOT work with cross under exhaust,  models with Legends Air Ride installation requires separate purchase of MRI plumbing and line kit.  

NOTE: Models with Legends Air Ride: The compressor unit will need to be moved from under the bike and relocated.

Leg Kits (1-3.5 Recommended for DIRTY AIR FRONT+ REAR kits, #1 recommended for REAR AIR)

MRI Customs is now offering 4 different leg kits for proper fitment.  Each leg kit contains all the necessary components needed for an easy install, including: (2 sets*) of 5/16” steel legs, (2) 5/16” steel feet, (8) ¼” shims made of polycarbonate material (aka, bullet-proof glass) on a CNC, a wiring harness, and hardware pack.  Pictures provided above.


Kit #1

Most popular leg kit.  Adjustable from 2 ¼ - 4 ½”, every ¼”.  Recommended for bikes with a 23”/26”/30” front wheel, with rear air ride only.

Kit 1-3.5

Adjustable from 1 - 3 ½”, every ¼”.  Recommended for bikes with a 26” or 30" front wheel, with both front and rear air ride.

Kit 3/4   

Adjustable from 3 ½ - 5 ½”, every ¼”.  Recommended for bikes with a 21" and under front wheel, with rear air ride only.

Kit No Hole*

"NEW" No Hole Leg available.  Adjustable from ¾” - 2”, every ¼”. Recommended for lay frame or close to lay frame bikes. *This kit contains only one set of legs.