DC Audio - Pro Audio MB-10”

DC Audio - Pro Audio MB-10”
DC Audio - Pro Audio MB-10”

DC Audio


Speaker Description

DC Audio’s New Pro Audio, High-performance Speaker Line.

These New Pro Audio Speakers from DC Audio will wake up the dead, Built to be loud and durable . Use them on boats, Side by sides, or Cars with the biggest of bass systems where regular Speakers just wont keep up.

Key Features

DC Audio 10" Mid Bass Speaker

Ferrite Motor

Paper Cone

Power Rating 1000 watts RMS 2000 watts Program

3.0” Voice Coil

SVC 2 ohms impedance


Frequency Response: 40HZ-2.5KHZ

Sensitivity 1w/1m 84.1db

Cut Out 9.35"

Mounting Depth 6.25"

Cast Frame

Sold in Individuals 

T/S Parameters

RE: 1.7ohm SVC


MMS: 166.7g

QTS: 0.63

QMS: 5.57

QES: 0.71

VAS: 0.43 cf

FS: 42.4

SD: 50.3si

** These Speakers are for High Output Applications and 99% of the time require custom installations or modifications to fit the Massive Motor and Frame used for the Pro Audio Line up