DB Drive Euphoria - EWXPW10D4 - PW10" SUB

  • Euphoria EWXPW10D4

    ** Mounting depth only 5.55"  Great option for full size sub in bags with restricted mounting depth. 

    • 3″ High-temperature voice coil
    • 145 oz. ceramic ferrite magnet
    • High-grade Low Carbon steel on top and bottom plate
    • Designed to optimize SPL performance
    • High excursion spider designed
    • 1.5″ high roll foam surround
    • Large gauge push button speaker terminals
    • Dual 4 ohm voice coils

    Structure 10″ (25.4cm) Woofer
    Dynamic Power Handling 1500 Watts
    Nominal Power Handling 500 Watts
    Impedance Dual 4Ω Voice Coil
    Resonant Frequency (fs) 28.356Hz
    D.C. Voice Coil Resistance (Re) 6.54Ω
    Mechanical Quality Factor (Qms) 10.212
    Electrical Quality Factor (Qes) 0.365
    Total Quality Factor (Qts) 0.352
    Equivalent Air Volume to Cms (Vas) 4.3 L
    Mass of Diaphragm/Coil (Mms) 116.580 g
    Force Factor (Bl) 19.298 N/A
    Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 86.463 dB


    *Recommended enclosure 1.0 cubic feet ported