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Croftgate USA Waterless Detail products - ENDURE XXL 16 OZ.

Croftgate USA Waterless Detail products - ENDURE XXL 16 OZ.

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Semi-Permanent Surface Protectant with an Extreme Shine (for all hard surfaces). In our opinion, “Endure XXL creates a protective layer and shine, second only to our ceramic coating.” Apply it in minutes to a clean surface! It creates a lasting protective layer between your surface and the longer-term damage nature can and will do. In CroftgateUSA tradition the application is easy and quick, allowing long term protection and shine. Re-Bonds with itself upon later applications to continuously extend surface protection and shine.


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    Product Features:
    • Easy application
    • Semi-permanent protection
    • Ability to re-bond onto itself when reapplied
    • Ensures a deep semi-permanent shine
    • For all hard surfaces
    • Free of petroleums

    Recommendation For Use:
    First Time Users: Follow Step #1 & 2 in a small area to see and feel the product work.

    Use on a clean surface!
    Step 1: Spray 2 to 3 sprays onto a folded microfiber towel and wipe over the surface to be treated.
    Step 2: Remove any remaining residue with a clean dry microfiber towel.